Our Products and Services

Strategy and Process Consulting

Centrifuge Consulting can work with you to review your existing strategy with a view of helping to unlock and optimize your organizational potential. We are able to assist you with re-engineering and integrating your operational processes for increased service delivery and overall value output. Our key Strategy and Process Consulting services include;

- Vision/Mission Alignment with Strategic operating objectives

- Operational Restructuring

- Business Process Re-engineering

- Organizational Change and Change Management

- Business Advisory Services

- Facilitation of Strategy and Business Retreat Meetings


Capacity Building

We will work with you to design and deliver custom-built, operations-specific training courses to help equip your People with both Management and IT skills/competences in identified areas of your operation.

People Consulting

Our People Consulting services focus on;

- Talent Search and Head Hunting

- Talent Development and coaching

- Organizational Development

- Job Evaluation

- Performance Management

- Outsourcing

We will work with you to develop an organizational framework that will not only support your Human Resource strategy, but will also ensure that your structure and systems support your long term vision in an effective and efficient manner. In line with this, we are able to work with you to identify, recruit and develop people who will fit into your corporate culture and objectives, whether as regular, full time, permanent employees, or employees engaged on an 'outsourced' basis.

Project Management

We will work with you to provide Project Management and Integration resources that you may require from time to time, for the execution of your IT Projects. For instance, you may want to execute a Project or Projects, for which you either do not have sufficient in-house capabilities, or there are no capabilities at all, and the Project needs to be delivered on budget and on time.

We are well positioned to provide you with resources and competences you may require for managing such Project(s).

Technology Services and Solutions

Centrifuge Consulting is also able to work with you to address the operational issues related to the IT and Information Management components of your organization. We can offer related IT advisory and business support services in the following areas;

- System and IT Infrastructure Design, Installation, Audit and Support

- Software Evaluation, Selection, Implementation and Support

- Best of Breed Accounting/Business Management, Payroll, HR and CRM Solutions

- ERP Solutions

- Technology and Database Management Solutions

- Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Solutions

- Records and Document Management Solutions

- IT Outsourcing Services