...Building People, Processes & Systems

Centrifuge Consulting is a Management Consultancy and Organizational Development Practice.

Our goal is aimed at helping Organizations enhance their capabilities to provide optimal levels of value in the way their services and products are delivered to the Organization's customers and stakeholders.

Our Vision

To be a major reference in the Management Consultancy and Organizational Development Industry in Nigeria.

Our Mission

We will work with organizations in both the private and public sectors by providing value based channels required for implementing organizational improvement and development systems that are capable of delivering significant performance dividends to the enterprise.

Our Core Values

The foundation of Centrifuge Consulting is built on a number of values that inform our organizational culture, practices and overall disposition to the business community we serve, as well as to the larger environment in which we operate. Our day to day operations are guided by these time honored values, which we have code-named, PRICE.

- Professionalism

- Respect for Time

- Integrity

- Creativity

- Equal Opportunities.